Do you remember…

The very first time you wore these? You would either have bought the original or a variation of one of these iconic pieces of fashion. They continue to resurface time and time again, so make sure you give yours an airing. Enjoy the flashbacks of the ‘Wrap Dress’, ‘Aviator Jacket’, ‘Split Skirt’, ‘Stilettos’ ‘Smoking Jacket’, ‘Trench … Continue reading

Beaming New Year

Beaming to you all from live from London via satellite. I wish you all a wonderful and Happy New Year!

My ‘Adventurous’ #TBT 1980′s

❤️😀👴😭🍭 Looking back on it now and in today’s 140 character language, the above emotives can explain how my childhood, after school play time was. I was recalling that after Christmas Day, the next day was ‘Our Day’. The day when we were allowed out after being cooped up in doors for the past 24hrs, and … Continue reading

Money talks @Depop

Well who knew this would kick off the way it has, and what a night I had?! Chanel muse Keira Knightley, her Klaxons musician husband James Righton, and 2ManyDJs, who kicked the party into another gear, were the surprise guests of the secret East London party earlier this week, celebrating the UK launch of new … Continue reading

Lucky Hat

It was whilst driving in the car with my partner that we spotted this tall woman dressed all in black, with a kicking ‘Equestrian’ style hat. Very rarely do we both comment on style at the same time, but this time we did. She looked great! This week, whilst in Manchester, my colleage got stopped … Continue reading

And they call it, LEATHER LOVE

I adore leather! And this is the season for it. I have a few where I’ve dropped a few hundred quid to under a hundred quid and all still functioning today. You can find great ones too in vintage stores (I say stores as I like to check them over thoroughly) It is one of … Continue reading


Un-clutter the mind

      Visual stimulation and a bit of fun.  


Runway Black All Stars. Spring/Summer ’14

This quick post is my celebration of the rise of black female models on runway. It was great to see so many black beauties sashay for high-profile fashion brands this season, that it made me ‘happy-dizzy’ and ended viewing more shows than I normally do. And they looked HOT! Here are my edits. P.S. My favourite … Continue reading


You can never have enough COATS!

I have 18 coats in a trunk. Yes! I said ‘trunk’ because the downstairs closet, the hook behind the bedroom door and the coat rack are full! And I’m not going to tell you how many jackets I have as that would be hurting not you, but me! My penchant for sneakers, (trainers to UK … Continue reading

Decor Inspiration

Every now then a you make small changes, additions to your home. I don’t have the biggest place, but if I did and a huge amount of cash, these images inspire me to go all out, all over! Image source: Tumblr


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